Good Morning All,
We had a great time had Camp John J. Barnhart this weekend and I thought I would let you all know some of the high lights of the weekend.
-After arriving the Lodges all assembled for the opening show which was pretty hot(literally the ground caught on fire on both sides of the stage), and soon following the patches began to appear.
-During the morning the ceremonies teams took to the ring, doing two outstanding cermonies in the Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood. Chris Mocarski was told he was too energetic as an Allowat Sakima, but I firmly believe that he simply is exhibiting the Wingalosik, or cheerfulness of our order.  
-The trainings went off without a hitch, with our very own trainer, Noah Krechel, was praised by the region chief for his presentation on becoming an OA officer. Good work Noah.
-Following lunch the tetris pieces went crazy, and there wasn’t a single place in the 1,000 acre camp without seeing one of our lodge in a tetris suit. Our section adviser, Mac McLean, later commented that 236’s innovation with our theme was some of his favorite props from the last decade. 
-During the afternoon our very own Hunter Gable competed for the his first time in the Grass dance competition, making it all the way to the semi finals and only being disqualified for losing a bell. Great Job Hunto! This marks the first youth American Indian Affairs competitor we have had since Matthew Daniels in 2010. 
-Also in the afternoon our lodge brothers competed furiously in the quest for the Golden Arrow. Along with the slew of Quest awards seen bellow I wanted to specifically congratulate the entire Ultimate team, whose Drew Hiner had an outstanding performance. In the first round, Drew made the game winning catch in overtime after the disc had been tipped away by a Catawba player, Drew who was running the opposite direction made a 180 and dove fifthteen feet catching the disc. Beautiful. 
-That evening our Lodge Chief, Alec Surrett, ran for section office and was elected to the position of Section Secretary. Please note that this is the first time since 2006 that a member of Unali’Yi Lodge has held section office. 
-Following a great service by the host lodge, the awards ceremony held the results for our Lodge as so(please note I have a limited memory, and if i missed any please correct it in the comments bellow):
–Quest for the Golden Arrow
—3rd Rope Throw
—3rd Fire Building
—3rd Ultimate Frisbee
—3rd Chariot Race
–Inductions and Ceremonial Events
—-Honor Team
—-2nd Kitch: Zach Howard
—-3rd Meteu: Edward Leber
—-Honor Team
—-3rd Kitch: Chris Mocarski
—-3rd Meteu: Edward Leber


-Also I would like to thank James Barton and David Surrett for their continued contribution to the section as Advisors. 

Great Job everyone for all of the work you put in, and I can’t wait for next year when we host at Camp Ho Non Wah.
Yours in the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service,
Alec “Goodies” Surrett
Lodge Chief
Unali’Yi Lodge 236