Unali’Yi lodge’s Spring Fellowship! Our first event of the New Year is starting the year off with a bang. During the weekend we are preparing ourselves for the section conclave through fun and festivities. However don’t let this mislead you into thinking that this weekend is solely about preparation for the Dixie Fellowship, no this is a time to build our bonds of brotherhood through fellowship.

A big portion of the Dixie Fellowship, and similarly our Spring Fellowship, is the spirit competition. This year we have decided on doing an eight bit buck theme, which emphasizes on the retro video games pacman, tetris, and Mario bro. There is a new competition for this weekend, at the conclusion of dinner on Friday of the event; we will be closing the entry period for the t shirt design contest for Dixie. The t shirt should have the lodge name, number, the events name and year, as well as the fleur de lis and www on it. And mostly have the design represent the theme the best we can. Have fun and be sure to place an entry(this is open for adults and youth).

Also this fellowship is a strong attempt to unite the youth and adult members of our lodge. In the past some adults have wondered why they should attend the Fellowships if they aren’t doing any type of work project, but the opportunities this weekend hopefully will eliminate these doubts. The theme preparations done in the morning on Saturday and the Dutch oven Cook-off later that day hopefully will do just that.

Not only are we doing two yes I say TWO General Lodge meetings, we are also having the important Lodge officer elections. These elections will take place during the Saturday afternoon General Lodge meeting and the winners will be announced following the election.

I can’t wait to get back to the beautiful Camp Ho Non Wah, and I hope to see you there during our amazing Spring Fellowship for some time for brotherhood and fellowship.

            Yours in Brotherhood,

             Alec “Goodies” Surrett

                         Lodge Chief

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