Dixie Fellowship is a few weeks away. Information in regards to the weekend can be found below.

When and Where
April 26-28
Camp Bud Schiele
668 Boy Scout Road
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Camp Bud Schiele is 238 miles from Coastal Carolina Council office. Google maps states it is just under 4 hours from the council office. Cell reception may limited. Please become familiar with directions prior to leaving.


Everyone should have already started securing their transportation to and from Dixie. Please notify scouts within your unit and chapter to carpool. Scouts needing transportation should plan to be flexible with pickup and departure time. Let me know by April 12 if you were unable to secure a ride within your unit or chapter. Please notify me at waynebarfieldjr@gmail.com or at 843-817-0084 if you are an adult willing to help transport scouts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We always need a few adults willing to transport.

Health and Safety
Each delegate is responsible for filling out and turning in a current BSA medical form (BSA Annual Health and Medical Record parts A and B). A doctor’s examination is not required. No delegate may attend the Dixie Fellowship without the medical form. A copy of the BSA med form can be found at the link below. Please bring a completed copy and a copy of your insurance card if you did not turn these in with your registration.

BSA Medical Form https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_AB.pdf

There will not be any electricity in the campsites.
Plan to bring a tent. Do not bring your hammock. We may end up camping in a field and you will not have a place to hang.
Restroom facilities will be available throughout camp. Restrooms and hot water shower facilities are in all campsites.
Pack as light as possible. You never know how far you may have to carry it.

Cell Reception
Camp Bud Schiele has no in camp Wi-Fi service. Verizon reception is okay while AT&T is poor for cell service. Verizon hot spots do work but they are very slow. Come prepared.

Unali’Yi Dixie Theme
“Dixie on Deck”
Plan to bring any nautical or sailor type spirit items you have. (sailor accessories, mops, buckets, inflatables)

Friday Dinner
We will be having BBQ sandwiches in our campsite on Friday between 6-6:30. Delegates that would like to eat dinner with the lodge should plan to arrive at this time. If not, plan on eating before you arrive on Friday. Festivities will begin around this time on Friday.

Unali’Yi Delegate Check In
Check in with lodge leadership when you arrive to the campsite on Friday. At this time, you will turn in any remaining paperwork and be given your pre orders, meal tickets, delegate items, and any other misc. items.

Opening Show
The opening show will begin at 8:30 on Friday.

Quest Events
We will discuss Quest events on Friday evening around dinner time. This is when we will discuss and determine who will be competing in the various events.

Please notify me at some point leading up to Dixie if you would like to volunteer and help judge an event. We are always in need of judging help.

Misc. Items
Seating can be limited during the shows and in the campsite. Don’t forget to bring a camp chair.

Bring a water bottle for a quick resupply of water.

There will be a trading post onsite to purchase additional memorabilia.
Don’t forget there is plenty of patch trading.

I typically pack a small daypack to store my schedule, hat, water bottle, rain jacket, patches, and any other miscellaneous items that need to be carried around the camp. Carrying a small daypack will also make it easy to identify your stuff.
Sunday Pick Up

Chapel and awards will start at 9:00 on Sunday. It will take about an hour to wrap these up. Scouts should be ready to be picked up at the conclusion of the awards.

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