The weekend of December 6-8, Unali’Yi Lodge will be holding our annual Fall Fellowship weekend. Check-in for the function will be from 5:00-7:30 pm; please be in full Field Uniform (Class A and Sash) for Check-in.

Friday night will begin with our annual Family Seafood Fest complete with an oyster roast and lots of other delicious items. To bring family, please indicate the number of guests on your registration form so we can ensure everyone has plenty to eat. The cost for guests over the age of 10 is $15.00. This fee is for a guest only and guests must leave after the Friday night activities are over. 

After the Seafood Fest, we will hold our Grand Opening Show hosted by our Activities Committee. Following this will be our Vigil Call-Out Ceremony, where we will recognize and honor some of our brothers who have been leaders, friends, and inspirations to us all.

During Fall Fellowship, any youth members interested in running for a Lodge Officer position must submit a signed petition for the particular office they are seeking. We as a lodge elect our officers and choose chairmen, all of whom guide our future. This weekend is where our up and coming lodge officers start to formulate their plans for the next year and gather support for their visions. As we celebrate this past year at our Lodge Banquet, let us look forward to our bright future!

Saturday will be full of activities and competitions planned and led by our chapter chiefs and activities committee. Each chapter will compete in various competitions to earn the Quest for the Golden Buck Award. Remember, this competition is a breeding ground for ideas for our Dixie theme so be sure to make them the best you can. We will also be providing some camp service to help recover from Hurricane Dorian.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Christian Blackburn

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