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Dear Brothers,

The weekend of December 4-6, Unali’Yi Lodge will be holding our Lodge Fall Fellowship. Check-in for the function will be at the trading post from 5:00-7:30 pm; please be in full Field Uniform (Class A and Sash) for Check-in.

Friday night will begin with our annual Family Seafood Fest, with lots for everyone to enjoy! We invite family members to join us, if so please indicate the number of guests on your registration so we can make sure everyone has plenty to eat. Guests over the age of 10 will be $15.00. This fee is for guest only and is only for Friday night. Following the Seafood Fest is our Vigil Call-Out Ceremony, where we recognize and honor some of our brothers who have been leaders, friends, and inspirations to us all.

Saturday is full of activities and competitions planned and led by our activities committee. Each chapter will compete in various competitions to earn the prestigious title of Chapter of the Year. Remember, this competition is a breeding ground for ideas for our Conclave theme so be sure to make them the best you can. Along with activities, we will have informative training sessions available Saturday morning, in the dining hall. Please take time to visit and attend these trainings, while also competing in the chapter games.

Saturday will conclude with our Lodge Recognition Banquet. We will recognize and honor our new Vigil members and this year’s Founders Award recipient. This year we will also have the honor of presenting a National Distinguished Service Award. The award is presented to those who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order of the Arrow on a national level. This is only the second Award presented to one of our members in lodge history. Following the banquet we also have our patch auction which is always a fun event to be a part of!

During Fall Fellowship, any youth member interested in running for office for 2021-2022 must submit a signed petition for the office they are seeking. This weekend is where our up and coming lodge officers, start to formulate their plans for the next year, and gather support for their visions.
Join us in celebration as we look forward to our bright future.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Jackson Boggs

COVID-19 Policy

During Fall Fellowship we will adhere to COVID-19 regulations from CDC, SCDHEC, and BSA NCAP policies. We ask that everyone follows social distancing guidelines. We also ask everyone wear a mask while participating in activities where social distancing guidelines cannot be met and while indoors. Temperature checks will be taken upon arrival at camp. If you feel sick or have been exposed to someone who has or may have Covid-19, please stay home.

BSA POLICY for CO-ED Camping and Activities

Youth Protection policies for Order of the Arrow events are consistent with those of any other Scouting event. Separate facilities will be provided for all males and females at all times. No members of the opposite sex should be alone with each other during the event or in tents together unless they are members of the same family. All forms of public display of affection are prohibited during Scouting events.

Lodge Activity Attendance Policy

OA Functions are reserved for members of the Order of the Arrow in good standing with the Lodge. Guests (non-OA members) are only invited to register and participate in our annual Seafood Dinner held Friday Night of our Lodge Fall Fellowship. Please help us by communicating this policy to family members within your unit. Mark your calendar for upcoming Unali’yi Lodge Functions:

2021 Calendar Dates
2021 SR5 Section Fellowship (Conclave) PREORDER/REGISTRATION DEADLINE-January 25 2021 Spring Fellowship, Camp Ho Non Wah – February 19-21
2021 SRS Section Fellowship (Conclave), Camp Daniel Boone, NC -April 23-25
2021 Spring Ordeal, Camp Ho Non Wah – May 21-23

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