Dixie 2011 Updates
Are you ready to get to Dixie? The lodge Dixie Committee has sent out updates regarding Dixie Preperation and Transportation to all members sho are on the Email List. If you have not recieved these, they are listed below for your convience.


Good evening Brother,

I apologize for having to send another message however I had completely forgotten to mention the can competition between each of the lodges. This is very important because it is a factor in Lodge of the Year, and also it is a simple service project that ALL of us can participate in. so please each one of you BRING AT LEAST 4-6 CANS of FOOD. I have heard that other lodges are only asking each of their delegates to bring 2 cans a person, so I think that Unali’Yi should prove how awesome we truly are. So now i plead to you bring BRING AT LEAST 4-6 CANS of FOOD to Dixie and turn these into Slinky and Mr. Ed as you check in with them once you arrive at camp as specified in the earlier email.

once again If you have any questions please call or email me, and I would be more than happy to answer them. I will see each of you at Dixie Fellowship in less than 4 days.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Alec “Goodies” Surrett
Lodge Chief
Unali’Yi Lodge 236
Coastal Carolina Council



Dixie Fellowship ‘11

Dixie final prep

Check List before you leave

1.    Do you have your ride?-

a.    Be certain to figure out how you are getting to Camp Daniel Boone, if you can’t find someone to ride with to the Camp please call Mrs. Debbie Everett at the Scout Office. She’ll be taking a Van from the Scout Office-on Sam Rittenburg- at noon on Friday. However if you are going to ride up there with Mrs. Everett you need to call and clarify it with her.

b.    If you need help finding a ride look at the attachments bellow for the adults that live in your area.

      i.     If you live in Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Andrews, Garden City, Pawley’s Island, Murrells Inlet or in the surrounding area, you are in Chicora Chapter and SHOULD look at the Chicora Chapter Travel Info Spread Sheets attached to this email.

    ii.     If you live in Bluffton, Beufort, Port Royal or the surrounding area you are in Coosaw Chapter and SHOULD look at the Coosaw Chapter Travel Info Spread Sheets attached to this email.

   iii.     If you live in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms or the surrounding area you are in Kiawah Chapter and SHOULD look at the Kiawah Chapter Travel Info Spread Sheet attached to this email.

   iv.     If you live in Summerville, Wadmalaw Island, Goose Creek or the surrounding area you are in Maui Inali Chapter and SHOULD look at the Maui Inali Chapter Travel Info Spread Sheet attached to this email.

2.   Did you tell the lodge leadership who you are riding with?-

a.    Once you do have figured out how you are getting up there, you must notify myself and Ed Meyerink how you are getting up there

b.    If you are an adult who is driving up to Camp Daniel Boone you MUST fill out the Lodge Travel Information Spread Sheet attached and send it to myself and Ed Meyerink before leaving for Camp.

    i.     Please turn in a printed version of your Lodge Travel Info Spread Sheet to Ed Meyerink as you arrive.

    ii.     If you can’t fill this out before-hand please write up all of the information asked for on the Lodge Travel Info Spread Sheet and give Ed Meyerink it as you arrive.

3.   Does your vehicle have a vehicle pass?-

a.    Since Camp Daniel Boone has very limited parking space we have been provided only ten parking spaces, once you have clarified who you are riding with( and if you’re an adult who you are bringing) please notify myself and Ed Meyerink so that we can give your name to the parking directors at the camp.

4.   Are you Bringing the Right Stuff?

a.    Bring the gear you would bring if you were going on a camp out. However be sure not to over pack, make sure you can hike it in and hike it out by yourself.

    i.     Yes this also means to bring a tent just to be safe- hammocks are also permitable

   ii.     BE SURE TO BRING RAIN GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

b.    Also Bring your Spirit Clothing- the hillbilly clothing, your long johns, your overalls, coon skin caps, and be ready to be excited for Dixie.

c.     Bring Your Scout Uniform- While you will be wearing your hillbilly drag for a good part of the weekend, you must have your uniform to travel in and to wear at certain points at camp( ie your arrival at Camp)

d.    Print off the Offical Unali’Yi Lodge 236 Dixie Song Book and read it over.

e.     Bring your patches

f.      Bring any materials you will need for quest, American Indian affairs, or other forms of competition going on.

g.    Be sure to bring money for any extra food, Dixie memorabilia, or miscellaneous things

h.    Bring yourself

i.      Bring your spirit

j.      And just remember we are scouts, we are the honor society in scouts, be sure to exemplify this.

Check List on Your Way to Camp Daniel Boone

1.    Practice your songs

2.   Prepare your Spirit clothing

And please be nice and courteous to your drivers- remember they are volunteering to take you they don’t have to take you. Check List Once You Get to Camp Daniel Boone

1. Report to the Campsite- our Campsites are Chickawanee and Chippewa

2. Set up any Lodge Gear

3. Set up personal gear

4. Report to Mr. Ed-

a.Check in with He and Slinky

b.  Be sure to give Mr. Ed the following:

              i.     Your BSA Medical Form

             ii.     If you are an adult you should bring in your Lodge Travel Info Spread Sheet or your replacement.

5.     Explore Camp and Enjoy Camp Daniel Boone-

      There will be a Expo that you should check out in the parade field and main tent

6.    Be Back at our campsite at 6:30 for dinner

7.     At 8:00 pm don your hillbilly swag and assemble in Chippewa Campsite to March as a Lodge to the Campfire

8.    Opening Show at the Amphitheater

9.    Lodge Meeting immediately following the opening show

10. Cracker Barrel and Patch Training in the Dining tent

d.     However be sure to be back at our campsites before too late.

e.      Judge’s meeting in the Chip’s Chapel

The Schedule for the Weekend

Friday 4/15/11


Check-In Camp Office


 Expo Parade Field and Main Tent


Staff Supper Dining Hall Right side


Key 3 Dinner/COC Dining Hall Left side


Assembly Amphitheater


Opening Show Amphitheater


Cracker Barrel Dining Hall/ Tent


Patch Trading Dining Tent


Judges Meeting Chip’s Chapel


Saturday 4/16/11




Breakfast Dining Hall/ Tent


Assembly Parade Field


Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Competition Leadership
Brotherhood Ceremony Competition New Ordeal site


Training Session I Main Camp Shelters/Tents


Training Session II Main Camp Shelters/Tents


Training Session III Main Camp Shelters/Tents


Lunch Dining Hall/ Tent


Tug-O-War weigh-in Health Lodge


Assembly Parade Field
Egg Toss Parade Field


Cross Country Run  3 flag poles in front of dining tent


Quest for the Golden Arrow Various Locations
Team Sing Amphitheater
Parade of Braves Amphitheater
Individual Dance Competition  Amphitheater


Dinner Dining Hall/ Tent


Dixie 2011 Forms


Fellow Dixie 2011 Travelers:
I apologize in advance if you have received multiple e-mails for this mailing.

In order to provide Council with the most current information for our Tour Permit to Dixie  I am requesting the following information for its preparation:

Adults:  Please provide me with current vehicle information


Youth: Please provide me with the NAME OF THE DRIVER YOU WILL BE RIDING WITH.
I shall need the above information to me no later than Wednesday 3pm. (otherwise you will be getting a phone call from me after work 11pm Wednesday evening)
If you still need a ride to Dixie Please contact me ASAP
Debbie from the Council office is driving the Council van to Dixie and is leaving the Office in Charleston by NOON time on Friday,  If you still need a ride or are riding in the van please contact me by email or phone no later than Wednesday 9AM.  As of today, Monday, there are ZERO passengers in the van.
Camp Daniel Boone is  Asheville, NC. The address and link below will provide directions:
Yours in Scouting,
Ed Meyerink


I apologize for the last email I forgot to mention some vital information about the transportation to Dixie 2011. The lodge is offering a van leaving from the scout office on Sam Rittenburg for anyone who can’t get a ride up there, however if you plan to take this up there please call and speak to Mrs. Debbie at the scout office about arranging a seat on the van for you. Furthermore If anyone does not have a ride to dixie please call or email Ed Meyerink 843-247-2379. Again I am sorry for the previous email, and I hope that this clears up any confusion about it or other problems.
On a different note please remember to bring your medical form as well for Dixie. Only 8 days till Dixie
Yours in Service,
Alec “Goodies” Surrett

Lodge Chief
Unali’yi Lodge 236
Costal Carolina Council 550


Good evening brothers,

This email is for all members of our lodge who are participating in Dixie Fellowship 2011 which is being held at Camp Daniel Boone.
In order for all of us to partake in the fun and festivities of the fellowship we all have to get there, which is where transportation comes in. As all of you should know the lodge does NOT provide transportation to this event, therefore you need to find a ride to this wonderful event. I suggest calling other brothers in your chapter or troop who are also participating in Dixie and coordinating rides with them. No matter how you get there, the lodge leadership needs to know how you’re getting up to ole Daniel Boone. So once you coordinate your ride you MUST email Danny Jernigan, Ed Meyerink, or myself to notify us of the mode of transportation and the people you are traveling with. On a little over a week left until Dixie, and I can’t wait

Yours in brotherhood,
Alec “Goodies” Surrett
Lodge Chief
Unali’yi Lodge 236
Costal Carolina Council 550
Phone: 843-607-7791

Lodge Officer Elections Posted: February 11, 2011
Below is the approved Slate of Officers for 2011-2012. Officer positions are listed in hierarchical order with candidates listed in alphabetic order by last name.Lodge Chief
Chiavacci, Tim
Howard, Zachary
Surrett, Alec

Vice Chief of Administration
Blease, Brandon
Ford, Coleman
Mocarski, Christopher

Vice Chief of Program
Gable, Hunter

Helfter, Galen
Nance, Sean

Jernigan, Alex

Spring Fellowship Forms Posted: February 11, 2011
The Spring Fellowship is fast approaching! The Fellowship will be the weekend of March 11 – 13, 2011 at Camp Ho Non Wah. More information about the Spring Fellowship and the upcoming Dixie Fellowship can be found in the Spring Fellowship function letter below:Spring Fellowship Letter
Spring Fellowship Registration Form
Lodge Dues Form Updated Posted: February 11, 2011
The Lodge Dues form has been posted online. Make sure you pay your Dues!2011 Lodge Dues Form
Vigil Honor and Founders’ Award Recipients Posted: December 14, 2010
Congratulations to the following brothers who received the Vigil Honor at the 2010 Fall Fellowship:Brandon Blease
Donnie Godwin
Danny Jernigan
Ed Meyerink
Jack D. Strobel, III
Justin White
Kirby Thompson

Also, congratulations to these two brothers whom received the Founders’ Award at the 2010 Fall Fellowship:

Christopher Mocarski
Matthew Daniels

UPDATE: 2011 Dixie Fellowship Forms Posted: December 12, 2010
The Dixie Pre-Order and Dixie Registration Forms has been updated. There was a line missing that allowed for the pre-order of extra Trader Flaps.Pre-Orders MUST be received by the Council Office by FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011!!

Dixie Registration and Pre-Order Form

CORRECTION: 2011 Dixie Fellowship Forms Posted: December 2, 2010
The Dixie Pre-Order and Dixie Registration Forms that were previously posted and sent out to the lodge Email list were incorrect. The correct forms has been posted as an Excel Spreadsheet and can be found on the webiste.Pre-Orders MUST be received by the Council Office by FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011!!

Dixie Registration and Pre-Order Form

2011 Dixie Fellowship Forms Posted: November 26, 2010
Preparation for the 2011 Dixie Fellowship is underway! If you have never been to a Dixie Fellowship you might be asking yourself what exactly is this event. Well the Dixie Fellowship is the area conclave for Section 5 of the Southern Region of the Boy Scouts of America comprised of 11 Lodges from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. This annual event is hosted by one of the lodges within the Section. This weekend is unlike any other Lodge activity in that there will be over 1000 Arrowmen participating and competing in a variety of activities. These activities range from training sessions and Ceremonies competitions in the morning to sports and American Indian activities in the afternoon and let’s not forget patch trading, food and fellowship.If you are interested in attending the Dixie Fellowship, download and complete the Registration Form. If you want to order any Dixie Memorabilia, you must complete the Dixie Pre-Order Form and turn it in ASAP!

Dixie and Summer Events Letter

2010 Fall Fellowship Posted: November 26, 2010
Come out and join us for our annual Fall Fellowship! In past years our lodge has held chapter competitions during the Fall Fellowship. In the planning for this year, we decided why not take this a step further: beyond chapter competitions, each chapter will also have a theme for the weekend!And as usual, the weekend will kick-off with a seafood and oyster roast on Friday night followed by a campfire and the Vigil Callout Ceremony. Saturday night will include the Vigil Banquet, featuring some amazing food and fellowship!

Guests for the Fall Fellowship may attend the Seafood Feast Friday Evening, December 10th. Preregistration at the Council Office is required by Friday, December 3rd. The fee for guests is $15.00. We look forward to seeing family and friends at “The place where Friends Meet” – Unali’yi Lodge Fall Fellowship held at Camp Ho Non Wah.

Be sure to come out to the Fall Fellowship as it is a weekend you will not want to miss!

2010 Fall Fellowship Letter
2010 Fall Fellowship Registration Form