We are 16 days away from Dixie 2012, April 27,28,29.  As of Friday we have only filled 31 of our 60 delegate slots for this years Dixie fellowship.  It saddens me to see such a small turn out at an event that is so important to our lodge.  Not only are we participating in all the events with minimal youth attendance but we will be trying to promote Dixie 2013 at our own Camp Ho Non Wah.

This year we travel to Camp John J. Barnhardt in Stanly County, North Carolina. The camp sits on the edge of the Uwharrie National Forrest.  Our trip will involve some fantastic scenery as well as all that Dixie has to offer.   It is not too late to participate in this memorable event.  If you are interested in participating as a youth or adult please contact Matt Miller: , myself or the Council office.


Below is the letter sent out by the lodge in January.  I do hope to see as many brothers from Unali’yi as possible.


Yours in the Brotherhood,


Ed Meyerink




We’re quickly nearing the date for our Section SR-5 Fellowship, better known as Dixie. One of the most important factors for our Lodge’s performance at the event is spirit. Spirit is how we show pride in our lodge, and perhaps the best way to show this spirit is with a strong theme. In the past, different lodges have used themes including ninjas, cavemen, Ironman, cornucopia of colors, baseball, carnival, military services, and Hollywood, to name a few. I’m certain that a few people will remember the situation a few years ago when our Unali’yi and Santee Lodges both had the same theme of Christmas at Dixie. This won’t happen again.

Our spirit theme this year is from Maui Inali Chapter, it is 8 bit buck. A lot of the members of the lodge might be a bit confused by this but, as we could see at Fall Fellowship the chapter members were full of enthusiasm as they personified their favorite old school video games. Eight bit video games are the orginal arcade games that so many of us grew up with such as Pac Man, Super Mario Bro, Tetris and so on. This topic is very wide and there are literally dozens of ways we could go with this theme so we are simplifying it by assigning a game to each chapter. Kiawah is handling Pac Man, Chicora is taking Mario, and the remaining chapters are joining up with Maui Inali for Tetris. If anyone wants to help out with your respective parts contact your chapter chief. Please learn our lodge chants and songs from some of the more experienced members, and enjoy your time at Dixie in beautiful Camp John J. Barnhart.

If you have never been to a Dixie Fellowship you might be asking yourself what exactly is this event. Well the Dixie Fellowship is the area conclave for Section 5 of the Southern Region of the Boy Scouts of America comprised of 11 Lodges from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. This annual event is hosted by one of the lodges within the Section. This weekend is unlike any other Lodge activity in that there will be over 1000 Arrowmen participating and competing in a variety of activities. These activities range from training sessions and Ceremonies competitions in the morning to sports and American Indian activities in the afternoon and let’s not forget patch trading, food and fellowship.