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Lodge Officers

All leadership positions in the Lodge are elected positions.  All officers are under 21 years of age.  They are elected annually so that the greatest number of members can get an opportunity to be a part of the leadership.  Candidates are proposed by petition that must be turned in to the Lodge Advisor at the start of the Patch Auction, Saturday night of Fall Fellowship.  These Lodge officers are the key youth leaders of the Lodge:


This is the top youth leader in the Lodge and Chair of the Executive committee.  He appoints all committee chairs.  He decides what committees are needed for the successful operation of the Lodge.  He is responsible for the planning and the conducting of Lodge activities.  He undertakes, with the advice and approval of his advisors, service projects for the Lodge to accomplish.  He promotes and represents the Lodge at all council, regional, and national activities.  He prepares the agenda and conducts all Lodge Executive Committee Meetings (LECMs).  He directs the Lodge Executive committee members in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the Lodge.  He sets goals for his administration to accomplish.  He identifies future Lodge leaders and helps to train and to encourage them into Lodge leadership.  He is responsible for the training of the Executive committee.  In summation, he is basically responsible for the overall operation of the Lodge. 

Vice Chief of Administration 

He is the right hand man of the Lodge Chief and assumes the Chief’s responsibilities in his absence.  He assists the Chief in planning and conducting Lodge activities.  He is responsible for program planning, physical arrangements, and inspections at all Lodge activities.  He is responsible for the operation of the following committees: Camp Promotions, Dixie Fellowship, Internet, Kitchen, Publications, and Service 

Vice Chief of Program 

He is responsible for all Indian Affair Activities in the Lodge.  He coordinates the Activities, Brotherhood Conversion, Elections, Elangomats, Ceremonies, and the Dance/Sing Team committees.  He supervises all activities regarding the call-out and induction of new members and the proper recording of these actions. 


He is the keeper of Lodge records and handles all Lodge correspondences.  He records and prepares minutes of all Lodge and Executive Committee meetings.  He is in charge of registration at all Lodge activities.  He supervises the preparation of all Lodge correspondences, such as dues notices, new candidate letters and Brotherhood letters.  He develops a calendar for the mail-out of meeting notices and all other communications.  He updates all Lodge membership records in the Lodge computer. He is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Lodge’s website. 


He is the collector of all Lodge dues and record keeper of dues collection.  He maintains inventories of all Lodge materials intended for sale and prepares orders for new stock as needed.  He maintains the Lodge financial records and prepares reports on the Lodge’s financial status for the Executive Committee meetings.  He prepares the annual Lodge budget and is responsible for operating the Lodge trading post at Lodge activities.

Operating Committees Responsibilities and Goals 

The Lodge is broken down into committees that carry out the responsibilities of the Lodge.  Each committee has a chair and advisor.  Committee responsibilities are decided by the Lodge Chief.  Each committee submits an annual budget and goals.  These goals help guide us over the course of the year. 


This committee was formed in 1995.  The Activities Committee organizes and produces at least one show for each of the four Lodge functions.  They offer a theme for each weekend and see that each show is fun and interesting. During the Fellowship weekends this committee is responsible for the afternoon program. 


This committee is critical to a successful Brotherhood process. They are in charge of Brotherhood questioning, gathering the Brotherhood candidates at the proper time, guiding the candidates on the Brotherhood Hike, lead the candidates to the ceremony ring, and keep a list of all names to make the Brotherhood certificates. This committee works alongside the ceremonies team so that we can have a seamless ceremony for the new Brotherhood members. 

Camp Promotions 

A major responsibility of the Order of the Arrow is to promote camping.  This is the primary responsibility of the Camp Promotions Committee.  They promote summer camp at Ho Non Wah, camporees and camporalls, individual unit camping, high adventure, and Lodge activity attendance.  The committee uses visual aids, printed materials, troop visitations, and word of mouth.  The Camp Promotions Committee gathers, publishes, and promotes accurate information on activities for the year.  They also assist new troops with camping procedures.  The committee recruits and trains committee members in each District for troop visitations.  The major goals are to produce a more interesting camp promotions video, distributing two (2) copies to each Lodge Chapter for promoting summer camp at Camp Ho Non Wah, and to develop and mail out to unit leaders a camp promotions brochure by the end of January each year. 


This committee is in charge of gathering people to properly execute the chapel service on the Sunday mornings of each Lodge function. They also create a new Chapel program each year, so that the program stays fresh. 


The primary responsibility of the Ceremonies Committee is the performance of all Lodge ceremonies:  Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil.  This committee is also responsible for the construction, repair and maintenance of the ceremonial outfits. They keep the Lodge ceremonial grounds and pageant grounds in order at Camp Ho Non Wah.  The Ceremonies Committee develops and coordinates the formal procedure for holding call-out ceremonies for units, districts, camporees, and summer camp.  Their goals include:  replacing ceremony outfits, conducting ceremonies on time, and providing well-maintained and well-lit grounds.

Dance/Sing Team 

The main responsibilities of the Dance/Sing Team Committee are the promotion of the Lodge via performances within the council, and making and repairing dance team equipment owned by the Lodge.  The team also teaches and promotes dancing and Indian traditions including outfit construction.  They promote attendance at the annual area Indian Seminar.  The team performs a competitive dance at the Area Fellowship and encourages individual participation.  The Dance/Sing Team Committee develops a dance program suitable for Lodge, public, and council viewing.  The team promotes the Lodge by public performances and assists with the pageant on visitor’s night during summer camp.  Goals include recruiting more members.

Cornerstone Conclave

The main responsibility of the Conclave Committee is to work year round to ensure a successful delegation is sent to the SR-5 Cornerstone Conclave in terms of Administrative Events, Quest Events, AIA Events, logistics and transportation, and the Lodge of the Year petition.  This Committee works with the Lodge Chief to ensure that the Lodge is a National Quality Lodge for each year. At Conclave they are in charge of rallying the Lodge in Quest activities and trainings, and lead the way with Lodge Spirit. 


This committee is responsible for setting up and operating the Elangomat clan system at all Lodge Ordeals.  They train new committee members on how the Elangomat clan system works.  They recruit clan members from their committee for each Ordeal.  They are also responsible for new Lodge member orientation and the promotion to the Brotherhood Honor.  An Elangomat, meaning friend, is responsible for an Ordeal Member’s Brotherhood questioning.  The Elangomat committee makes sure the Ordeals run smoothly from start to finish.  The Elangomats also take the responsibility of leading their clan members to the Brotherhood honor. 

Kitchen/Cook Crew 

The Kitchen / Cook Crew committee is responsible for the planning, cooking and serving of all meals at Lodge activities. 


In charge of putting together the new ordeal members welcome packets, which include the Ordeal Function patch, a general lodge flap, the Lodge plan book, Ordeal Certificate, and an OA Handbook

OA Troop Representatives

They connect the troops with the chapters so that there is a fluid transfer of information. 


Create the function patches, special anniversary patches, Conclave patches, and NOAC patches for the lodge. Anyone with ideas can submit them to the Patch Committee Chairman. 


Publications produce at least four (4) newspapers per calendar year on a timely basis. This includes developing a format for the newspaper and coordinating the distribution of the newsletter.  The publications committee enters the newspaper into competition at the Area Fellowship.  They also produce the Planbook, the Where to go Camping Guide, and the NEXT Guide.  Goals are to: emphasize support and service to all Lodge Committees, activities in the Lodge, upcoming activities, and attendance at activities, Brotherhood Conversion, and meeting publication deadlines. 


This committee is responsible for all work projects conducted at all Lodge activities. They are the primary point of contact for the Lodge’s One Day of Service. 

Unit Elections 

The committee recruits and trains members in every District for unit election teams.  The Unit Election Teams officiate at annual unit elections in every eligible unit within the council.  The committee maintains accurate records of individuals (candidates) elected, candidate addresses, and what units have held elections.  They coordinate with everyone involved to insure that all aspects of registration are carried out at the Ordeals. They are also responsible for communications with those eligible for Brotherhood. 


They manage the website and add new articles and posts on important things happening in the lodge. 

Notable Ad Hoc Committees/Task Forces

History Committee

This committee is responsible for digitizing the Lodge’s vast historical holdings in the museum and in the hands of collectors, making it available to the Lodge, and then consistently updating the database as needed.


In charge of choosing the founders recipients and consists of Founders members. 


This committee is selected by the Lodge Chief and Vigil Chairman and is in charge of all Vigil proceedings, including the setup and running of the Lodge Recognition Banquet.


The Lodge is broken down into five chapters to aid the Lodge in achieving its goals. The main purposes of the chapters are to: promote scout camping; provide elections for eligible units within their chapter; and serve as an arm of the OA Scoutreach mentoring program within their Chapter. Below is break down of Chapters by districts:  

Chicora ChapterBlack River District
Coosaw ChapterLowcountry/Pineland District 
Kiawah ChapterPalmetto District
Maui Inali ChapterSwamp Fox District
SeWee ChapterEtiwan District
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