The Elangomats Committee is responsible for providing Elangomats during the Ordeals. An Elangomat, or “friend” in the language of the Lenni Lenape, is a member of the Order of the Arrow who goes through the Ordeal with the candidates. Each Elangomat is in charge of a clan, or a small group of candidates. Elangomats lead their clans through the Ordeal and work beside them.

Brothers who serve as Elangomats during the Ordeal acquire a better understanding of the Ordeal and rededicate themselves to the principles of the Order. They serve as an example of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. Their actions mean more than words to the candidates. Elangomats also become the candidates friends. They serve as a guide throughout the Ordeal. Brothers who serve as Elangomats are also entitled to a free Elangomat t-shirt and a discount on the next lodge function.

If you are interested in serving as an Elangomat, please contact the Elangomat Committee Chairman: Hunter Sutcliffe.