Lodge Goals

  • Visit other lodges in SR-5 to invite new ideas and learn from other Arrowmen, while creating relationships across the section to share strengths in lodge administration and program.
  • Further utilize the White House museum and lodge history book to have a greater understanding throughout the general lodge membership of our lodge’s origin, while building a clearer picture of where the lodge is going.
  • Successfully create and implement The Quest for the Golden Buck chapter competition to engage chapters and encourage Arrowmen to become more involved in the areas of Function Attendance and Participation, Brotherhood Conversion, Service to Scouting and our Local Communities, Fundraising, and Unit Elections. This will be done by:
    • Strengthening electronic communication and registration to make our lodge programs accessible to all Arrowmen.
    • Adapting the Thrive model through an ever-expanding effort of activation for a myriad of programs such as conclave attendance, brotherhood conversion, and program participation that trains Arrowmen to be the next generation of lodge leadership. 
    • Increasing activities outside of the lodge such as fundraising and service through the utilization of program teams and chapter leadership.