Lodge Rules and Regulations
I. Name and Affiliation
A. The name of this Lodge of the Order of the Arrow shall be Unali’Yi Lodge 236-WWW
B. This lodge will be affiliated with the Coastal Carolina Council, Boy Scouts of America.
II. Totem, Emblem, and Insignia
A. The lodge totem will be the white tail deer.
B. Lodge and OA insignia will be worn in the manner described in current national BSA and OA publications at all local, regional and national activities in which the Lodge participates.
C. Lodge and OA supplies will be sold at the trading post during Lodge activities. We may also sell selected Lodge insignia at local, regional and national BSA and OA activities.
III. Membership Registration
A. Current National OA policy will specify the requirement for Lodge membership.
IV. Officers, Election Procedure and Term of Office
A. The elected officers of the Lodge will be the Chief, Vice-Chief of Administration, Vice-Chief of Program, Secretary, and Treasurer.
B. Lodge Officers will be elected annually during the last Lodge activity of the calendar year.
C. The election procedure will be as follows:
1. All members wishing to run for office will submit a petition to the Lodge Chief signed by a minimum of twenty (20) active youth members supporting the candidacy prior to Friday night Cracker Barrel at the final Lodge activity of the calendar year.
2. The Lodge Chief will appoint a nomination committee to select a qualified candidate or candidates for each office. The Chief will chair the committee, and the Lodge Advisor will serve as advisement to the committee. The committee will meet prior Saturday breakfast of the final Lodge activity of the calendar year and will announce the candidate(s) for each office during this activity.
3. All candidates will be entitled to campaign during the last lodge activity of the calendar year. Campaigning will be done at the expense of the candidate, and all campaign material must be removed before the election.
4. The Lodge Chief will conduct the Lodge Officer’s Election on Saturday during lunch of the first fall Lodge activity of the calendar year. This election will be part of the General Lodge Meeting. Should the Chief be a candidate for re-election, he will appoint a substitute approved by the Key 3 to conduct the balloting for the entire election of Lodge Officers.
5. All active youth members present are entitled to vote. Adult members shall remain impartial during the election. The Lodge will not accept absentee ballots.
6. The election will be by secret ballot. The Key Three will tabulate the ballots. In the event there is only one (1) candidate for an office a voice vote or show of hands is permissible.
7. Election results will be made immediately following the election.
D. Vacancies that occur for lodge officer positions will be filled according to the current procedure listed in the Field Operations Manual.
V. Executive Committee
A. The Lodge Executive Committee will be comprised of: all elected Lodge Officers and their adult Advisers; the immediate past Lodge Chief; the Scout Executive; all operating Committee Chairmen and their Advisors; all Chapter Chiefs, and their Advisors, as well as any member at large selected by the Executive Committee.
B. The Lodge Chief will form such operating committees as deemed necessary for the successful operation of the Lodge and will appoint a chairman for each committee. The Lodge Advisor will appoint an advisor to each committee.
C. The Executive Committee shall meet minimum of four (4) times a year to conduct the business of the lodge. All meetings of the Executive Committee will be opened with the Obligation of the Order of the Arrow. Any active lodge member may attend Executive Committee meetings as an observer.
D. The Lodge Chief and Advisor will represent the Lodge at all appropriate Council meetings and activities.
VI. Meetings and Activities
A. Official business of the lodge may be conducted only during meetings of which the membership had been notified in advance.
B. All General Lodge Meetings shall be opened with the Obligation of the Order of the Arrow.
C. Only active youth members present shall have a vote in any decision of the Lodge. Absentee votes will not be accepted.
D. The Executive Committee shall schedule such activities deemed necessary for the successful operation of the Lodge.
VII. Finances
A. The lodge will be self-supporting, requiring no council funding.
B. We will handle all Lodge funds through the Council financial system and deposited in the Council’s OA custodial account and will be subject to all Council regulations and procedure.
C. The Executive Committee will approve a general Lodge Budget prior to the beginning of each calendar year.
D. Committees will make no expenditures, other than budgeted expenses, without the prior approval of the Executive Committee.
E. The Treasurer will submit a written financial report at each Executive Committee meeting.
F. The Executive Committee will determine and collect annual dues through the Office of the Treasurer. Dues for the coming year will be due by December 10th of the current year.
G. The Executive Committee will determine the fees for all Lodge activities through the Office of the Treasurer. This includes the induction fees for new Lodge members, Brotherhood membership and regular function prices.
H. Fees for all Lodge Functions are payable in advance at the Scout Office. There will be an additional fee for late payment set by the Executive Committee.
VII. Lodge Flap Restrictions
A. The Lodge shall have three (3) different flaps, one for each honor.
B. Purchase of the flaps is restricted to the Honor(s) of the Lodge member. Ordeal members may purchase only Ordeal flaps; Brotherhood members may purchase Brotherhood and Ordeal flaps; Vigil Honor members may purchase all three flaps.
C. Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Flaps are restricted one per function.
D. The Lodge will issue a trader flap. There is no quantity restriction on trader flaps.
E. Restrictions on specialty flaps for Section, Regional or National events are at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
IX. Brotherhood Membership
A. Conversion to Brotherhood membership will be by national procedures.
X. Vigil Honor Membership
A. Conversion to Vigil membership will be by national procedures.
XI. Regional and National Events
A. The Lodge will be part of the Southern Region, Order of the Arrow, Section 5.
B. The Lodge Chief and any members who hold section office will represent the Lodge at section Council of Chiefs meetings.
C. The Lodge will support any member(s) who are running for Section Office.
D. The Lodge will send a delegation to the annual Section Conference.
E. The Lodge will send a delegation to the Biannual National Order of the Arrow Conference. The Lodge will pay the delegate fee and transportation costs of the Lodge Chief to the National Conference.
XII. Suspension and Re-Instatement
A. Members may be subject to suspension. Such suspension is at the discretion of the Executive Committee for failure to abide by the ideals and principals of the Order.
B. A vote of the Executive Committee may reinstate a suspended member.
XIII. Amendments
A. Proposed amendments to these Rules and Regulations must be distributed to all members of the Executive Committee thirty (30) days prior to a vote.
B. Amendments may only be voted upon provided a quorum of the Executive Committee is present. A quorum consists of the majority of the voting members of the Executive Committee.
C. Amendments must pass by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the present, voting Executive Committee.
D. A majority vote of the Lodge youth membership present must approve such amendments.
XIV. Final Authority
A. All rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Lodge will meet those approved by the National Order of the Arrow Committee.
B. All matters not specifically covered by these rules will be governed by current National Order of the Arrow Rules.
C. The Executive Committee will make any interpretation of the meaning or intent of these Rules and Regulations.
D. The Scout Executive, Staff Advisor or Lodge Advisor will have the veto power over any decision of the Lodge; if in their opinion the decision of the Executive Committee is in violation of BSA or OA policy, or detrimental to the well being of the Lodge.