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Keepers of The Flame -Unali’Yi Lodge Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Members The lodge hall of fame was established at the lodge’s 60th anniversary celebration in 2003. It is a historical recognition reserved for those brothers whose contributions to Unali’yi Lodge 236 and Camp Ho Non Wah have made a positive impact on both. The recognition is presented at the end of each decade. Here are the lodge hall of fame recipients:

1943 – 1949

Henry Chambers
C. S. DeForest
Jerome Moscow
“Chief” J. Rucker Newbery
John Rodgers
Lawrence Shuman

1950 – 1959

Raeford Davis
Harry Kent
E. W. Rabon
Elmo Southard

1960 – 1969

Steve Adkinson
Dan Biggerstaff
Neal Edgerton
Frank Fletcher
Ed Holcombe
Carl Kistner
Herb McAmis
Ivan Mercer
Bruce Oliver
Bob Olix
Jim Southard
Henry Stilmack
Keith Tapscott

1970 – 1979

Dave Burns
Ernie Childs
Mark Daniels
Louis Herns
Rusty Riddle
Bill Ruperd
Tom Sawyer
Norm Schaefer
H. J. Schneider
James Simpson
Barry Stamey

1980 – 1989

James Barton
Buf Bufkin
Bill Cliff
Frank Heinsohn
Reese Inabinett
Bob Jones
Wally Menear
Jim Pifer
Paul Spence
Greg Taylor

1990 – 1999

Arlene Barton
Daniel Barton
David Barton
Bob Driggers
Robert Dunn
Michael Hartnett
Larry McCracken
Oscar Meyer
Ray Reaves
Steven Reaves
Ryan Smith
Ridgie Tucker
Craig Whitfield
Hugh Wilson

2000 – 2009

Matthew Daniels
Micah Donaldson
Bill Dunn
Patrick Dunn
Paul Hargrave
Wanda Hayes
Jed Hewitt
Kenny Himes
Tray Hunter
Kevin Kramer
John McKnight
Greg Stabler


Ethan Spence Taylor Everard Colin Reiheld Hunter Gable Patrick Meyerink Ellis Moore Zachary Kontenakos Alex Barton Jordan Moyer Andrew Hensley Bobby Jones Andy Gable Becky Thornton Cathy Spence Glenn Runnerstrom Sara Welch Wayne Barfield Lee Hutto David Surrett Bill Butt

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