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Looking to get involved with the Lodge?

Looking for something to do in the OA?  Check out the information below about all of Unali’Yi Lodge 236 committees.  Committees are run by youth members of the lodge and overseen by an adult adviser.  Please contact the committee chairman of each committee that you would like to become involved with.

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is responsible for planning the activities for lodge functions. It is our goal to provide a fun, competitive atmosphere at every function. We try to plan lodge activities for the weekend that will involve all members of the lodge.

Our primary focus is on the activities for the Spring and Fall Fellowships. At the Spring Fellowship, we try to focus on events that will help prepare our lodge for competitions at the Section Fellowship. Those events include tug-of-war, knot-tying relay, canoe race, arrow/softball throw, ultimate frisbee, and many other activities. The Fall Fellowship is the most widely known function of the year. In years past, this weekend has feature activities such as a carnival, shotgun and rifle shooting, Friday night shows, and many other activities.

If you are interested in joining the Activities Committee or have suggestions for activities at functions, please contact the Activities Committee Chairman: Christian Blackburn.



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Camp Promotions

 Camp Ho Non Wah Website

The Camp Promotions Committee is responsible for promoting camping in all Scout troops in the Council. It accomplishes this task through unit visitations, promotional flyers, show exhibits, and Council camping promotion. The Camp Promotions Committee also spends a great deal of time promoting summer camp at Camp Ho Non Wah. The committee produces a Where to Go Camping Guide every year in the spring to assist units in finding new locations to go camping.

The Camp Promotions Committee remains busy throughout the year promoting the summer camp program at Camp Ho Non Wah. Members of the committee have created brochures, promotional videos, and a website dedicated to Camp Ho Non Wah. The chairman and advisor also schedule unit visitations to answer questions about attending Camp Ho Non Wah and to pass out information to leaders and scouts.

If you are interested in joining the Camp Promotions Committee, please contact the Camp Promotions Committee Chairman.

Contact: Mike McCready



The Ceremonies Committee is responsible for conducting lodge ceremonies. The Ceremonies Team performs the Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil ceremonies at various lodge functions throughout the year. The Ceremonies Team also conducts Call-Out ceremonies during Summer Camp and competes in the Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood competitions at the Section Fellowship every April.

The Ceremonies Team is a great way to learn about the principles of the Order of the Arrow. By learning the lines of each ceremony and performing them at functions, members gain a deep meaning of what the OA represents. Members of the Ceremonies Team do not have to be actors or have any prior drama experience.

You do not have to perform a ceremony to be a part of the Ceremonies Committee. The committee has several members who are responsible for setting up the ceremony before it begins. These members are very important to the success of each ceremony. If you wish to learn more about the ceremonies without actually learning a part, then helping set up the ceremonies is the job for you! Many Brothers that set up the ceremonies eventually learn a part as they begin to understand the ceremonies more, although it is not required.

If you are interested in joining the Ceremonies Committee, please contact the Ceremonies Committee Chairman.

Contact: Matthew Hart


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Dance and Sing Team

Unali’yi Lodge’s Tah Cha Kan To Kan Dance and Sing Team is one of the lodge’s most essential groups for American Indian Affairs. The Dance and Sing Team helps keep native culture alive by actively involving both youth and adult Arrowmen in the study of Native American Singing and Dancing. It is a great opportunity to learn about an interesting culture while meeting new friends all the time at practices and dances. Members get to learn from some of the most skilled craftsman and singers and make their own native regalia and learn various songs. There are a wide variety of dance styles that interested members can learn about and participate in. You can visit the Dance Styles tab in order to learn more.

If your unit or organization would like to schedule a performance, please visit the Schedule a Performance tab. Include the date, time, and where you would like us to perform. Please make sure to contact us at least three weeks in advance.

If you are interested in joining the Dance and Sing Team, please contact the Dance and Sing Team Chairman.

Contact: Abby Barton


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The Elangomats Committee is responsible for providing Elangomats during the Ordeals. An Elangomat, or “friend” in the language of the Lenni Lenape, is a member of the Order of the Arrow who goes through the Ordeal with the candidates. Each Elangomat is in charge of a clan, or a small group of candidates. Elangomats lead their clans through the Ordeal and work beside them.

Brothers who serve as Elangomats during the Ordeal acquire a better understanding of the Ordeal and rededicate themselves to the principles of the Order. They serve as an example of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. Their actions mean more than words to the candidates. Elangomats also become the candidates friends. They serve as a guide throughout the Ordeal. Brothers who serve as Elangomats are also entitled to a free Elangomat t-shirt and a discount on the next lodge function.

If you are interested in joining the Elangomat Committee, please contact the Elangomat Committee Chairman.

Contact: Lincoln Shirey



The Unit Elections Committee is responsible for organizing and performing Order of the Arrow elections for units within the council. Units contact the committee Chairman and ask to schedule an election. The committee sends a team of Brothers to the unit’s meeting to perform the election, compile the results, and submit them to the Lodge Advisor so that those elected can be invited to an Ordeal.

The Unit Elections Committee leads elections for all of the chapters within the Lodge. It is our goal to establish teams of Brothers for each chapter to conduct elections. Currently, a few Brothers travel to various chapters as needed to conduct an election. We encourage Brothers in the lodge to join our committee so that we may give units the opportunity to elect those who exemplify the principles of the Order of the Arrow.

If you are interested in joining the Unit Elections Committee, please contact the Unit Elections Committee Chairman.

Contact: James Lawrimore



The Kitchen Committee is responsible for running the kitchen at lodge functions. The committee puts together menus for functions and the youth work with adults to prepare and cook meals throughout the weekend.

The Kitchen Committee also volunteers to cook for various Scouting related outings. Committee members have served food at several council and district events,and lodge fundraisers.

If you are interested in joining the Kitchen Committee, please contact the Kitchen Committee Chairman: Noah White.

Contact: AJ Stevenson



The Publications Committee is responsible for publishing the lodge newsletter, “The Spirit of Unali’yi.” The lodge newsletter is published in four issues a year. Each issue is released right before a lodge function. The lodge newsletter is one of the primary methods of communication within the lodge. The Publications Committee also helps produce the lodge planbook, a comprehensive guide to the lodge and its operation. It features the lodge Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, and other important information concerning lodge operations. It also gives an explanation of various important symbols and components of the Order of the Arrow.

The Publications Committee is very important for Brothers to participate in. The newsletter features articles submitted by Brothers within the lodge. These articles can contain information about what each committee is doing, summer camp at Ho Non Wah, future and past activities, important announcements, and much more. Members of the committee also submit pictures of various activities to go with articles. You do not have to be an excellent writer to contribute to the newsletter either.

If there is an article you wish to see in the newsletter or are interested in joining the Publications Committee, please contact the Publications Committee Chairman.

Contact: Connor Platte



The Services Committee works with the Camp Ranger to create a list of service projects for each Ordeal during the year. The Committee Chairmen and Advisor put together work groups to complete the various projects assigned for the weekend. They spend the weekend supervising work projects and making sure each group has the correct tools to get the jobs done.

The Services Committee has organized numerous successful Ordeals at Camp Ho Non Wah. Projects consist of putting up tents for summer camp in the spring, trimming back trees, repairing buildings, building shelters, cleaning campsites, painting buildings, and replacing the siding on the Dining Hall.

If you are interested in joining the Services Committee, please contact the Services Committee Chairman.

Contact: Walter Coker


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