Lodge Advisers
The Lodge Adviser has always been the key Adult leader in a lodge. Over the last 62 years, Unal’Yi Lodge 236 has had over 20 different Lodge Advisers. Each Lodge Adviser has their unique and individual way of advising the Lodge Chief and has given countless hours of dedicated volunteer service to the lodge. Below is a list of the Lodge Advisors of Unali’Yi 236.
C.S. DeForest1943-1949
Raeford Davis1950-1958
Elmo Southard1959-1962
Lou Manseau1963-1964
J. Rucker Newbery1965-1966
Frank Fletcher1967-1968
Charles Oliver1968-1969
Carl Kistner1970
Mike Wratten1971-1974
Jim Pruett1975-1976
Rusty Riddle1976-1978
Don Heidtman1978-1980
Chuck Bueneman1980-1982
Les Lichty1982-1984
Bill Tims1984-1986
Andy Anderson1986-1987
Cedie Sintzenich1987-1989
Wiley Knight1989-1991
A.B. Leaming1991-1992
Craig Whitfield1993-2000
Charles Leeper2000-2003
Daniel Barton2003-2007
Mark Daniels2008-2009
Danny Jernigan2010-2013
James Barton2013-Present