Lodge Charter Members
The Lodge Charter for Unali’Yi Lodge 236 bears the names of 34 Brothers. Without their efforts, this lodge would not exist today. Below is a list of those Brothers whose names appear on the Lodge Charter.
Jerome Moskow – Chief
Phillip Spoerry – Scribe
Clarence Byrd – Treasurer
J. Rucker Newbery – Founder
Clyde Ackerman
Fred Attaway
Bob Brantley
Henry Chambers
Fred Christensen
Robert Clement
Ernest Deadwyler
C. S. DeForest
Riley Dennington
James Doyle
Clinton Dyer
Winston Foster
Robert Galloway
Ed Hahn
Richard Harris
Harry Hitopoulos
Donald Johnson
Bob Jones
Ted Keller
Louie Latto
Sims McDowell
Robert Reid
Lawrence Shuman
Jack Slotchiver
Harry Snipes
Harry Sponsellor
Harry Sponsellor, Jr.
Buddy Thornhill
Bill Timmons
Stumpy Williams