Unali’yi Lodge 236

Order of the Arrow

Coastal Carolina Council, BSA

Fall Ordeal 2011

Upcoming during the weekend of September 9-11, 2011 is our Fall Ordeal, which traditionally is our lodge’s largest function of the entire year. This is a time of service for our community and for our home camp, Ho Non Wah. Please register as soon as possible if you have not done so yet. As our lodge has done in the past we will be having brotherhood ceremonies and Ordeal ceremonies for the candidates. I highly suggest that you preregister for the Fall Ordeal so that you do not have to worry about it while checking in (and not having to pay the late fee isn’t a bad motivator either). I hope to see each one of you at the Ordeal for fellowship, brotherhood, and service. Be sure to use the attached forms to preregister for the event.


Fall Fellowship 2011

Just like last year, we will have a competition between the chapters for the theme for the upcoming Dixie along with the competition for the spirit award during the Fall Fellowship, which is the weekend of December 9-11. The chapter chiefs will be working with their chapters to come up with a theme for this competition, a sort of “Mini Dixie.” The chapters will design props, a patch, and other theme-related things for the competition at the Fall Fellowship. The winning chapter will have their theme used in the upcoming Dixie fellowship, and the patch that they design will also be used for Dixie . Let us use this to make the best theme that our lodge could possibly come up with in order to better compete in Dixie . Let us also try to make this Fall Fellowship the most fun and outstanding event of the season.


NOAC 2012

There are only 5 functions left before NOAC 2012, so that certianly something that we must start preparing for. There are many areas to compete in for national titles, and many fun activities, and amazing classes to also take there. On a personal note, the 2009 NOAC was the single best scouting experience I have ever had, and I fully expect this one to be even better. It is a great experience, and an important thing to look forward to. Let us use the upcoming Dixie Fellowship as a way to gauge our performance at NOAC, and use it to help us better prepare and train for this epic national event.

Yours in brotherhood,

Alec “Goodies” Surrett

Lodge Chief