Mini-Dixie and Much More!!

On December 9-11th Unali’Yi Lodge 236 will be holding its Fall Fellowship. This is an event of epic proportions, with TWO huge feasts, Vigil Banquet, Sea food feast, Oyster roast, Chapter Quest events, Spirit Competitions, the Annual Lodge Patch Auction, Chapter of the year competiton, a charitable toy drive, Vigil Induction, Founder’s Award, training for youth and adults, Brotherhood ceremonies, AND some fellowship activities too.

In past years our lodge has held chapter competitions during the Fall Fellowship. In the planning for last year, we decided why not take this a step further: beyond chapter competitions, each chapter will also have a theme for the weekend. I have discussed this with all of the chapter chiefs, and as of now many chapters are already collecting resources and preparing to compete against in our Fall Fellowship Mini Dixie. There will be two prizes for the spirit competition: not only will the winning chapter’s theme be used as the Lodge theme for this coming Dixie, but the winning chapter’s name will also appear on our Dixie patch. And—of course—the winner will have bragging rights for the next year. So get your chapter together and get ready for competition in December!

Also at the beginning of the weekend of Fall Fellowship, Unali’yi Lodge is continuing its annual Sea food feast and oyster roast. On Friday night our brothers will be partaking in these festivities from 5:00 pm concluding around 8:00 pm. The Oyster roast and Sea food feasts are great ways to spend time in fellowship with the brothers of the lodge so I suggest you bring your oyster knife and gloves to have some fun.  Guests are welcome for Fridays nights activities for $10 each.


Continuing on the theme of amazing food, we move onto the Vigil Banquet on Saturday evening. Year after year the Vigil Honor Members of our lodge return to serve the members of the lodge a delicious dinner in honor of the new Vigil honor members. All in all Fall Fellowship will be full of fun, food, and brotherhood so be sure to come out to Camp Ho Non Wah for the Weekend.

Yours in brotherhood,

Alec “Goodies” Surrett

Lodge Chief


2011 Fall Fellowship Registration Form

Fall Fellowship Letter 2011