Are you ready for Conclave? Some info from our advisor

We hope you are excited and getting ready for Conclave. It will be here before we know it. Please take a moment to read through this for details and other information about the weekend.

Transportation (Belk Scout Camp, 9408 Belt Rd, Midland, NC 28107)

All scouts are responsible for lining up transportation to and from the event. Feel free to reach out to others in your unit, chapter, or within the lodge. One parent can drive the scouts up, and another can pick them up on Sunday. One key to our success in the past is that our adults attending have been able to help transport scouts to and from the event. If catching a ride, please be flexible with departure times. Once again, you will coordinate travel to and from the event. Reach out to me well in advance if you need help securing transportation. We cannot guarantee, but we can contact others to see if they have an open spot in their vehicle. 

Arrival at Belk Scout Camp 

The host lodge will be there early in the afternoon setting up. However, many of us will not be there until late afternoon. Upon arrival, there will be a designated gear drop-off area for Unali’Yi. After dropping gear off, you will walk to our assigned campsite. The host lodge will collect the gear and drop it off at our campsite. Please set your tent up if you get to the campsite before lodge leadership arrives. Once we get to the campsite, we should start getting pre-orders sorted and attendees’ items for the event. Please be patient during this time. I aim for 5 pm-8 pm to check in and receive your items.

Friday Campsite Dinner

  • We plan to eat at the campsite at 6:00 on Friday. We will serve BBQ sandwiches, chips, and a drink at the campsite at 6:00. Plan to grab a bite to eat on the way in if you plan on arriving after this time. Once the food is put away, we won’t be able to pull it out and serve it. 8:00, the event is in full swing, and it is hard for us to coordinate this. We are looking for lodge volunteers to coordinate and handle this meal. I will have the food and drinks handy. Mainly, I need someone to warm up the meat and serve. 
  • On Friday, the host lodge will sell 2-slice pizza, chips, and drink packages. 

Conclave Meals

  •  The host lodge will provide meals all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Additional grilled food, snacks, candy, and drinks will also be available throughout Saturday at the Conclave. 
  •  Cash and debit/credit cards will be accepted.
  •  In years past, many from our lodge have stopped for lunch somewhere on the way home. You will need to bring money for this if you plan on stopping.

Spirit Items

  • Make sure to bring any Dr. Seuss-themed spirit items you have. This is our lodge theme for the event. We have ordered lodge spirit shirts for Saturday.
  • Any noise makers, bubble makers, horns, clappers, or costumes you want to wear are encouraged and welcomed

Campsite Logistics

  • There are not any tents in the campsites. You will need to bring your tent. Please plan to camp as if you are going on a regular camping event with your unit. I don’t know how many trees are around. Keep this in mind for those who prefer to hammock. To be safe, I plan to camp in a tent for the weekend. 
  • There is no electricity in the campsites. Plan to bring portable power supplies to keep your electronics or, if needed, for the CPAP machine.  


  • There is no seating in the camp. Make sure to bring a camp chair. This will be very important for the shows, training, and awards. Trust me, you will want a chair. 

Trading Post 

  • Most of the time, the host lodge has items for sale. I’m not guaranteeing, but plan for it in case they do. 


  • Conclave is a rain or shine event. The last time we visited Belk Scout Camp, it was chilly and rained. On the flip side, it could be sunny, and we could end up sitting in a field for a while. Plan accordingly!

Quest Events

  • There are a few aquatics-related quest events this year. I would pack something you are okay with getting wet in case you compete in one of these events. 
  • Boots are helpful if you plan on competing in tug of war. 
  • Tennis shoes are helpful for events that require running. 
  • I need any youth climbers or avid fishermen who plan on attending to contact me. We have one event involving climbing. The fishermen will be required to cast various types of fishing rods at targets. 

Quest Judges Needed

  • We still need one adult to help judge the event we were assigned. If interested, please let me know as soon as possible. One adult has taken the lead but needs another to assist. 


  • Please let me know if you can help transport any miscellaneous items. We have various items to carry to and from the event.

Conclave Departure

  • The awards ceremony is scheduled for 9:00 on Sunday. We should be out of there by 10:30. Please plan to arrive early in case of any setbacks. 

We are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. 

Please reach out to me with any further questions.

Yours in Scouting, 

Wayne Barfield  | Unali’Yi Lodge Adviser